Interfood & Drink 06 — 09 November 2013 Inter Expo Center – Sofia, Bulgaria – Hall 2 , Stand D13

9/2013  INTERNET1TROCHIDIS participation in one of the most popular exhibitions for meat products in Athens, Greece -“MEAT DAYS” 2013  , 2-3-4 November , Hall 1 , Stand C 40 .With great pleasure, we invite you to report to TROCHIDIS Reference will present its products .
2/2013  Our company will take part in the 13th ARTOZA we invite you to visit our HALL 2, STAND D16
11/2012  Our company will take part in the Bulgarian fair, we invite you to visit us. Interfood & Drink07 – 10 November 2012 Inter Expo Center – Sofia Bulgaria
4/2012  – ΙΝΑΧΟΣ ΑΒΕΕ MILK & TRADITIONAL FOOD PRODUCTS, trusted TROCHIDIS & CO for the equipment of the third retail store in Kifisia Athens.
4/2012  – DESPOTIKO in Halkidiki, completing the project of an absolute exclusive summer destination.
11/2011  – «AGAPITOS» confectioneries, and in Nicosia, Cyprus favorite Thessaloniki sweets in cooperation with TROCHIDIS & CO.
9/2011  – NAPOLEON, sweet trip to the city pass by the new bakery in the center of Thessaloniki, curated by TROCHIDIS & CO.
7/2011  – ΜΠΛΑΓΚΟΥ BUTCHER, renovated in the second retailer to TROCHIDIS & CO.
6/2011  – GREEK MEZEDOPANTOPOLEIO, created in the sani resort marina in Kassandra, always signed by TROCHIDIS & CO.
4/2011  – The chain ARTOZACHAROPLASTEION «MELI – MELI» … created the Benjamin of the family always shop portal in collaboration with TROCHIDIS & CO.
2/2011  – STRATIGOUSIS meat market, the main market of Kilkis relocated in a modern equipped laboratory by the company TROCHIDIS & CO.
2/2011  – Ergon – GREEK Grocery, founded in Thessaloniki in order to develop the retail network of the company and product promotion integrated Project.
12/2010  – The Grocery of Thessaloniki, inaugurated in the city center the new store, The TROCHIDIS & COmade ​​its mark in refrigerators storefronts.
9/2010  – «FREGIO GELATERIA» opened the floodgates of continuing the tradition of producing fine ice creams and cakes. Continuing the successful collaboration with TROCHIDIS & CO.
8/2010  – GOUNARI bakery, a jewel for the region of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki renovated by the TROCHIDIS & CO.
4/2010  – ELENIDIS TRIANGLES, continuing the excellent cooperation with TROCHIDIS & CO, a new minimal wonderful shop in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.
3/2010  – BROS BOUROUDI in bustling central meat market of Thessaloniki was given a new lease of life in the preserved area using the newest refrigerator models, all with the signature of the company TROCHIDIS & CO.
5/2009  – MEAT MARKET SIVIS, the works of the modern butcher in collaboration with TROCHIDIS & CO.